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Is your wedding fixed this year and you are confused about what to do then catch this amazing traditional Wedding guide to take you to a brief tour to some rich customs. Check some of the customs that has been followed since generations and will help you know what’s coming next in your wedding day helping to reduce wedding jitters.

Wedding makes nervous of course especially the brides and having countless thought about the attire, the look, the guests, arrangement and every minute detail keeps you worries till the day comes. In every custom there are varieties of traditional rituals followed during the wedding and many pre and post wedding ceremonies with lots of fun and great beliefs them being important for blessing with a good and healthy married life for the couple.

Some of the very important traditional wedding rituals.

Rules for the Groom

In Jewish wedding, grooms have set of rules from generation to follow in order to have a happy wedding day and of course the married life. First is the gift for the bride ever since more than 1500 years Jewish Grooms have to present their to-be wife an adequate gift which is in general fulfilled by a ring. It is also been said that simpler and plain surfaced the ring is happy and smoother the married life goes. Well this custom does not stop the current generation couple to get embossed and studded rings yet the gift is yet the ring unintentionally became a set gift for the bride before wedding vows are read.

Another rule for Jewish grooms: Guys too wear Whites, Yes fellows not only the bride but groom also have to dress in White traditional attire called as ‘Kittel’ throughout the wedding ceremony. Though all your dreams of designer colorful shades are broken convince yourself by thinking it will add purity and calmness like white color in your married life… I guess it works!

Commitment to the Lady through ‘Mahr’

Mahr is basically a ‘rasm’ or ritual which is followed compulsorily in all Muslim wedding called as ‘Nikah’ by the groom it is considered more as a commitment than a ritual. Once the wedding vows are read and both the bride and groom give their consent for the wedding the bride is presented with gifts called as ‘Mahr’ by the groom. It is believed that the ‘Mahr’ gifts are not merely bunch of random picks to the bride from groom but it is a commitment from the groom to the bride to keep her safe responsibly with economic stability and flourishing married life.

Walima is another important part of Nikah and is a joyous celebration held by the newly wedded groom to the entire family. In this ceremony both the families the bride’s and the groom’s share time together first time after the Nikah. This ritual is followed since many decades and is even treated an important custom. Also it is mentioned in Islamic Holy Book ‘Quran’ invitation for Walima should never be refused by anyone and must be attended in good circumstances. Also the Walima should not have any standard barriers and every class and standard of people must be invited as it mentioned as a deed of charity for the needy one to get blessings feeding them good food and share your moment of joy with as many people possible.

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