Grandma Wedding Tales Full of Rich Traditional Glory


I remember my grandma telling me lots of stories about her time and various traditional ceremonies of that time celebrated in grand ways. My grandfather was in army and because of posting in various camps my grandma had a chance to reside in various parts of the country and dive into the rich culture and belief of various customs. She told me about the simplicity carried on with ample of cultural and every ceremony was full of guests everywhere and may times in places used to seem like invited entire town in the event. Every ceremony used to be grand because of involvement of more and more people and ethnicity was given more importance than any other aspect. Every ritual was made sure to be followed very keenly in order to keep alive the ancestral heritage of individual’s custom.

Even today every one of us loves to hear about our ancestor’s lifestyle and rituals they followed in those days. Undoubtedly today’s non-stop competitive life have very less to accommodate but we all speak on volumes about the heritage we have treasure no matter even it is just about a ceremony.  In every culture wedding is an event that have various facets turning it into a joyous occasion to be remembered for lifetime. My grand ma has experienced wedding of various tradition and custom and shared her experiences about those fun classic wedding of her relatives and friends from army displaying the glory and magnificent royalty of those time.

Here are some of those oldest wedding tales that are believed and followed even today:

Royal carriage of the charming bride

Now this one will truly mesmerize you that in many Asian weddings when bride’s father give her hand to the groom followed with wedding vows the procedure is termed as ‘Kanyadaan’. It is called so because in many Asian cultures it is said that a girl brings prosperity and health for the family. When she get married and moves to her husband’s family her father bless her new family to relish health and wealth for the husband and his family with the pious steps of his daughter. As my grand-ma told me during her time in Hindu weddings the bride was taken to her new house in a well ornated carriage which 4 strong men used to carry on their shoulders for her grand welcome. The carriage patterns and style used to differ as per the status of the groom. Many are even heavily ornated with gold and silver seeming like a small 5 start cabin with curtains and pillows for the comfort ride of bride. This tradition has also been richly followed in Islamic wedding with incredible lavishness of kings and queens of that time. But now with people more on to technology and automobiles the lavishness is turned from classic elegance to expensive toys.

Turban turning a boy into the league of men

Punjab is a state of India and involves rich Asian wedding cultures and rituals followed with ample of enthusiasm and joy. Punjabi’s are known for their liveliness and grand hosting they proffer to every guest. Turban is a holy symbol of Punjab ‘Sikh community’ and is essentially worn by every man after a particular age. The turban is not merely a tradition but also is a symbol of a young boy turning to be considered in the league of men. This procedure is generally followed during wedding in which the groom is handed over a turban to wear and announce him to be a man in the family. This ritual is called as ‘Dastar Bandi’ and is followed even today with great enthusiasm and traditional songs and Dhol players adjoining for traditional Punjabi dancing style called as “Bhangra’. On the other hand after wedding for few months the new bride compulsorily wears set of red and white bangles called as ‘Chudaa’ believed to be worn to save the new bride from any evil eye.

There are various such amazingly interesting classic rituals even followed in customs with similar passion and their religious beliefs. It may not make any difference but definitely adds ample of joyful celebrating moments remembered for lifetime. It’s just like bringing all colors of religion and changing trend together forming a completely new era of wedding styles and related rituals with touch of grand-ma tales about classic weddings.

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