Classic Wedding Rituals – Binding Two Families with Pride and Fun


Wedding is definitely a prosperous occasion adding a lot more love and fun to your life. Various custom celebrate this memorable moment in different ways bringing their rich tradition live to coming generations. No matter whatsoever the world changes to or technology turning us to robotic era our culture lies deep rotted within us. Despite making any difference to caste we always enjoy the different ceremonies and beautiful cultural aspects of every custom.

Out of all events wedding has undoubtedly been more of a traditional aspect for everyone. We all wish our marriage to be a perfect ceremony having all aspects of our culture celebrated happily with all friends and entire family.

Keeping in mind various sentiments linked with every ritual here are some of classic wedding rituals that are made sure to be followed in every wedding. I guess no one till today would have cross checked whether these rituals really work or not but the satisfaction and pleasure of being a part of every ceremony that has also been celebrated by your parents give you a rich legacy worth treasuring for.

Wedding is not merely a bond for two individuals taking vows to be together no matter good or bad but it also binds two different families together sharing a beautiful relation. When an individual from other custom attends our wedding and wishes to know facts behind rituals we proudly say that these have been some rich traditions followed since ages and symbols ample of happiness and health for both the families.

In this edition we are unleashing some amazing classic rituals that definitely add loads of fun to the entire ceremony:

Bride’s first glance

Later to all procedure followed for Nikah (Nikah is an Islamic word for Wedding) the bride is taken to the groom’s place with her new family or say in-laws. For the first glance of the new bride a ritual is followed in every Asian wedding specially the Muslim wedding and calls this tradition as ‘Munh Dikhai’. The bride keeps her face covering with dupatta and every family member sits with her and the groom in a same room. Songs are sung and dhol players are called for her welcome. The first in-laws that is groom’s mother and father comes to take the first glance of the new bride and presents her some gift that can be jewelry, cash, etc. Then rest of the family members also welcome her in same procedure and presenting her various things wishing lots of charm and good luck to come for their entire family with bride’s first step to her new home.

Groom’s grand welcome

An amazingly interesting ritual is followed in Indian wedding that ensures the groom is perfectly hosted by the bride’s family. The groom sits on a horse (well it is said its mare, depends it may vary from one’s pick) during wedding procession for taking his lady. As soon as the groom followed with entire family singing and dancing with dhol reaches the wedding venue the groom is lifted by bride’s brother in his arms and taken straight to the ‘Mandap’ a holy place to read wedding vows. This ensures that the bride’s family has taken a lot care and handing over same to the groom so he can take care of their beloved girl for entire life with similar dedication. A beautiful sign of love and a funny way as many times it can also be seen that due to grooms heavy weight the bride’s brother has to make really heavy efforts to drop him safely to the desired place. Well this seems like if the groom is in his perfect built-up the bride’s brother must have countless workout session to follow this procedure successfully to ensure her sister is safe and happy the similar way.

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