Asian Wedding: All About the Glitz & Glamour


Asian wedding all over the world are celebrated with huge festivity no matter Asian wedding held in any corner of the world the charm remains the same. The wedding ceremonies are like blend of glitter, glamour and delicious cuisines. Series of customs are celebrated for many days started before the special day comes and many days after the wedding. These celebrations are always carried with lots of enthusiasm since ages and even today the only factor that has changed is the way people balance their customs with changing generations.

Asian wedding are more about purification and beautification of both bride and groom before wedding day when vows are read. The basic idea behind following this procedure is that in ancient times wedding in royal families was more of a competitive ceremony and young bachelor kings or their sons take part in the ceremony and compete to prove themselves best for the bride this ceremony was called as ‘Swayamvar’. Before this the bride has to go through a purification procedure directed by holy saints that includes customs where only women take part and get the bride ready for turmeric shower followed with milk and honey shower. Later to it every 16 desired ornaments enhance the classic charm of bride.

With changing generation wedding tradition does not change what changes is the style and look of the bride that gets a touch of modernization. In this edition we will discuss some up trends that are highly acquired these days by Asian brides in UK with customized patterns and artistry from finest professional service providers.

Some of the unique trend that has added more glamour to overall appearance of Asian bride:

  • Catchy Look based on the theme: Now a day many Asian wedding are experimenting with theme wedding ceremonies in which everyone including the bride gets dressed and ornate with certain element of theme. Whether it be a royal look, classic one or simple traditional version with slight touch trend our bridal hair and makeup artist offers you most extraordinary service assistance for perfect look for your special day.

Boring wedding is all history now is the era of experimenting with the looks and the attire and people all over the world are giving their try to make the special day most memorable. We give our bit by delivering professional punctual services with high flexibility and budgeted assistance to add certain ease for your special event and experience finest service assistance.

  • Asian brides in Smokey Eyes: Yes girls eyes are the most beautiful part of your face and decorating it beautifully ca add endless charm to your overall look. Smokey bold eye makeup is in trend acquired highly by Asian brides a variety of patterns designs artistry can be done to get a perfect eye makeup befitted for you. Whether you wish for smokey eye makeup which is a dark shade liner on your upper eye lid carried with rough finish slight blurry paint on your lower eye lid.

The rusty look is then balanced with colored eye shadow that goes perfect with your attire for a complete presentation. If you want Arabic eyes then it more of liquorices touch that elongates the mascara line along with false lashes and dark liner. The basic idea behind Arabic eye makeup is over emphasis is given to the eye makeup rather than any other. Whatever makeup style you desire to enhance the beauty of your eyes we get that done for you in due course of time by professionals at your local area with mobility solutions or straight on to your wedding venue to save you from any lacking time after hassles.

Eyes speak more than you say in words… Perfect verse most adequately fits to Asian brides as in Asian culture blushing brides is still a very charming part of tradition and people are more evolved in rooted customs and rituals coming since ages. Every bride getting perfectly dressed and ornate fulfilling all traditional aspect gets even more social appreciation and also it is essential for coming generation to know what the roots of our ancestral custom has been.

According to Hindu religion Solah Singaar, 16 keys to beautification is a very important custom in which eye makeup beholds a prominent history. Initially women eyes were compared to peacock eyes which is spiky, thin, edgy and have very luscious charm that was in ancient time was acquired by ‘Kajal’ which is a black liner fluid made manually since ages. With pacing technology and also the product ranges the liner, mascara, eye lasher and various other styling and beautification techniques have been introduced. Though the tradition of eye makeup is still alive to beautify the bride to perfection the only thing changed is the products acquired for fulfilling this purpose. Get your desired smokey eyes or trendy Arabic eye makeup to surprise everyone with a completely unique and unsurpassed look.

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