Amazing Facts About Indian Weddings


India has always been a land of various ethnicities flourishing together following ancestral traditions making every occasion lively and more colorful. Indian wedding comprise various ceremonies celebrated in a sequence of days with entire family and close friends. Every ritual has deep roots coming straight from granny’s tale about traditional wedding and playful activities by inmates to bless the bride and groom with joyful and prosperous life.

In this edition we will take a glance over some amazing facts about Indian wedding:

Astrologers Starts it all

In most of the Indian wedding the date of ceremony is decided by Astrologer by matching the ‘Kundli’ of bride and groom. In order to bless the couple spend a happy and joyful marriage life an auspicious date is decided and ceremonies take place as per that. In Hindu weddings ‘Brahmin Pundit’ being a family Astrologer for generation decides the date whereas in Muslim weddings the “Maulvi Saahab’ plays this role.

Series of Fun 

As the wedding is not an occasion for a day in India it comprises many playful events before the special day on both bride and groom parts some of them are:

  • Haldi- in which bride and groom individually by their families are showered with Haldi to make them perfectly beautiful and glowing for the special moment of their life. The ‘haldi’ is regarded as a ritual sign of purity making the both divine and declaration for the bride and groom being committed to marry each other this is also one of the epic ‘Solah Singaar’ for the bride managed by professional Indian wedding makeup artist.
  • Mehndi- This tradition basically is coming from ages in Indian weddings a beautiful Henna/Mehndi art tattoo’s are designed on the hands of bride and groom to add wonderful colors to the first step of their married life. It is also believed that if the bride’s Mehndi have deeper color she will receive more love from her husband and her in-laws. The Mehndi artist of bride and groom individually hides the name of their companion in Mehndi which they have to find during an event. It is believed that if both of them succeed the couple is declared being a perfect match for lifetime.
  • Baraat- This is really a fun time especially for groom’s family as on the day of marriage the groom reaches the venue to take his bride in a lavish procession with his friends and family dancing all the way with special wedding Dhol players. In Muslim wedding as the ‘Baraat’ reaches the venue he shares a traditional flavored non-alcoholic drink called as ‘Sherbet’ with brother of the bride in order to start a healthy loving relationship with bride’s family.

Ring Decides the Control

This really comes as a playful event when the groom takes the bride to his home after wedding is over. A vessel filled with milk and vermillion (kumkum) is placed in front of bride and groom and few coins and a ring is dropped inside it. Both the bride and groom have to find it with one hand and get seven chances. The one who gets the ring most of the time out of all seven turns is believed to be the ruler of their married life.

All these and many more activities are celebrated in Indian Weddings making every moment memorable organized in traditional manner to bless both bride and groom to relish a happy married life.

Well this edition does not end here a lot more of amazing facts about Indian weddings are lined up. So keep reading and share your own experiences with us.

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